As you might expect, due to the Coronavirus we are getting hammered with cancellations. It's perfectly reasonable to stop your membership, classes are cancelled for as long as need be. If you are in a financially vulnerable position, I want you to cancel your membership.

It took me a few days of thinking, but here's what I've come up with:

For those of you on the monthly membership, if you are able to keep your subscription going while we're closed, at some point in the future when this is all over, I will pause your subscription for an equal amount of time. For example, if this thing keeps us closed for two months and you're able to keep paying your tuition, at some point in the future I will pause your payments for two months and you can keep training during that time. I can make this work for every single member, just not all at the same time. I would pause a few people at a time until I eventually got through everyone.

10-pack or 6-month packages; For those on the 10-pack, if you have, say, 5 classes left and know you're going to buy 10 more after that, if you're able to buy now you'll have 15 classes available. For the 6-months memberships; we'll just extend your current membership until we re-open and if you pay ahead for the next 6-months we won't start that util the appropriate time. If possible, Venmo or Chase Quick Pay are better than PayPal due to fees.

I'm not looking for anyone to pay without exchange, I'm just shuffling the time deck. I only want you to consider this if you can afford to. Take care of yourself and your family first.

When this is all over, if somehow I'm up and running before you have your job/income back and you cannot afford to train for a while, you can train without paying until you're on firm ground. Some of you know firsthand that I won't let money prevent members from training. I think, not coincidently, some of the people who know that firsthand have already sent in extra payments (you know who you are, and thank you).

This is a very tough situation for many people. I will try to help all of you in the ways that I can. I know some of you are similar situations, maybe this plan can serve as a template to help you through as well. 

If you are a potential member, this all applies to you as well.  If you register for the 6-months during this time off, it will not start until we are back to normal.  If you register for the monthly membership, you will be paid back with training time after this is all over.  

Thank you all for the unbelievable support.

--Jay Valko 3/18/2020