• Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt
  • 2013 Dallas International Open: Silver
  • 2012 Midwest Judo Championships 2012: Gold
  • 2010 Corral's Combat Classic Black Belt Absolute: Silver
  • 2009 Pan American no gi: Bronze
  • 2007 Extreme Grappling Open: Gold
  • 2007 NAGA Midwest: Superfight Champion
  • 2006 NAGA Chicago: Silver and Bronze
  • 2006 Gracie Worlds Championship: Gold

Jay first started training in Martial Arts as a child. He dabbled in traditional Martial Arts such as Aikido and Tae Kwon Do on and off for years before finally discovering his passion for the grappling arts and ground fighting. First on his high school wrestling team then in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

At 19, he joined the Gracie Barra team in Tampa, Florida, training under black belt Eduardo de Lima. At 21 he moved to Chicago and joined the Carlson Gracie Academy, training under the legendary Master Carlson Gracie and Carlson Gracie Jr.

Shortly after joining the Carlson Gracie Academy, Jay began helping Carlson teach classes and eventually earned a position of instructor within the Academy. In March of 2007 Jay branched off and opened his own Academy. Jay was awarded is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt by Eduardo DeLima.


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